Piano des balkans

Those 2 short pieces are piano solo, and deeply influenced by a balkanic way of handling melody and rythm. The first piece is sad and slow whereas the second one is fast and happy. both of the tunes express a deep feeling and memories of eastern europe. 2008

P’tit jazz

It’s a small swing tune, in the style of Henry Mancini, like a 60’s sountrack of a late film noir, with score, brass and others exhausted performers in the back of the club. You can snap fingers. February 2011

Mazurka in the park

this tune is gentle little fast waltz played on Rhodes keyboard, with an electro background. It’s a tender reminiscence of an innocent and lovely autumn child afternoon in a city park. 2003

De bach aux brecker’s

It starts like a baroque solo hapsichord recital, until one of its strings breaks, the musician can’t play !! but there comes the afro funky band and its terrific drums to clear all that out. avril 2006


A short African melody is harmonized by a bunch of chromatic percussions in a very tonal way. The spirits are dancing while the humans are singing. october 2010

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