Supervoid ain’t emptyness

It starts like a desert song, a spreading oriental voice is taken by the wind , and the music gently evolves to reach something more rythmically glitchy, electronic and unstructured   September 2009

Tante hative

this tune is a small composition for brass ensemble (trumpets, horns and trombones) . it is based on atonal and dodecaphonic composition techniques (according to Arnold Schönberg theory) , and implies that one note can’t be played until the 11 others previously are. The first part is a melodic choral of 3 voices, the second …

Hyang IIII

This music is a collaborative work of Daahood (Remix/composition), Olivier Samouillan (alto violin) and korean composer Youg-Shin Choi (Santa Cruz, CA), belonging to a bigger project including also Tony Mowat Basically,  Hyang-Shin composed Hyang II This piece was used as a core and a base to record audio material of Olivier playing alto violin. David edited, arranged and remixed …

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