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I created this blog to present my personal and collaborative work as a musician. Feel free to browse, listen, comment and recommend as much as you like.




2 short orchestral songs

Those 2 short orchestral songs are arranged with the same type of orchestration.

Disruting Remembrance is a tiny piece that evokes the sad feeling of a atrabilarious event. The technique is contrepoint for strings, based on a straight chromatic/diatonic upward chord progression with an undelying inverted bass line.

Borealis Polywave expresses something very static, slowly evolving to reach a final peak. It is a dual tonality piece, based on a 4 chords pattern repetition sustaining a percussions ostinato

Composed and arranged by David Poirier
July 2012


ITHAK – Je Fly (remixed by DaaHooD)

Ithak is a French free-punk-jazz/post-deconstructivist band of 3 pieces led by Seb El Zin. As stated in their website: “Just imagine a mix of Mr Bungle, Gong, Richard Gotainer, The Young Gods, Arnold Schoenberg and James Chance in a weird poppy,  psychedelic and punchy rocky way and it will give you a vague idea of what you can expect from their album.

This version is a remix of one of their most famous tune “je fly”, a weirt attempt to gather RnB and Indus in the same song !!

April 2012


Borderline EP

“Borderline” est un album inspiré des road movie modernes. Une musique à la frontière des genres, entre western aux éléments futuristes, hurlements de saxophones et grincements de guitares vintage.
“Borderline” is an album inspired by modern road movies. from Ambient to free-jazz-punk through blues and electro ,this music reaches the boudaries of genres, somewhere between western, howling saxophones and screeching guitars.

Composed by all artists listed below

SebElZin: Guitars
Johan Myran: Tenor Saxophone
Tony Mowat: Guitars, Programming
David Poirier: Claviers, Sound Design, Sequencing/Programming, Mix
Olivier Samouillan: Acoustic guitar, Strings, production
Eric Volpatti: Mastering

January 2012

Edition ArtMelodies


ASTROBAL – Le Continent (remixed by DaaHooD)

Early 2012 has been a time for remixing some friends tunes

Astrobal is a very talented french artist whose music was recently endorsed by PlugReseach from LA (Bilal, Tensei…). After one LP, followed by an album of remixes, Astrobal works currently on his second release.

Living now in KL, Malaysia, I felt that I needed do add some local spices to this remix and turn it a little bit “South-Eastern” as a dedication to the country that welcomed me ;)

Music Video

Seconde Chance – Soundtracks

Seconde Chance is a french TV show (180 episodes) released on TF1 from september 2008 until April 2009.

Also broadcasted in Russia, Italia, Japan, Latvia and Finland.

All tracks composed by Antoine Vidal & Thibault Chenaille, arranged/scored by David Poirier. Day-Off, 2008.

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