Clock I & II

This is a tune in 2 parts based on a tempo of a second. 1st half is dark and mechanic whereas 2nd half is clearly more colourful and asian influenced, àla Ryuichi Sakamoto. As time is passing by…   Composed and arranged by David Poirier 2011

Balkanic vibrant journey

These 3 compositions are electro remixes of traditional style music from macedonia, played by a local wedding band. heavy brass, upbeat rythm, a fragrance of eatern Europe… Composed and arranged by Olivier Samouillan, David Poirier. Cezame music agency 2009

Here and Now

This one is a radical dark electro tune à la Aphex Twin,  you can also think it’s minimal, or trance , or hard-core, or experimental, or… 2010


2 short pieces of dark ambient music, such as in a David Lynch movie, or when a dark orchestra is performing  in the music hall of a sinked ocean liner lying on the sea bed.   Abyss I Abyss II   2003

Près d’Ataur

Près d’Ataur is music sequence based on an action scene. mixing electronic  loops and orchestral arrangement, Like in a slow chase, the hunter is tracking down a beast, and irremediably gets to his prey. November 2008  

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