De bach aux brecker’s

It starts like a baroque solo hapsichord recital, until one of its strings breaks, the musician can’t play !! but there comes the afro funky band and its terrific drums to clear all that out. avril 2006


A short African melody is harmonized by a bunch of chromatic percussions in a very tonal way. The spirits are dancing while the humans are singing. october 2010

Supervoid ain’t emptyness

It starts like a desert song, a spreading oriental voice is taken by the wind , and the music gently evolves to reach something more rythmically glitchy, electronic and unstructured   September 2009

Tante hative

this tune is a small composition for brass ensemble (trumpets, horns and trombones) . it is based on atonal and dodecaphonic composition techniques (according to Arnold Schönberg theory) , and implies that one note can’t be played until the 11 others previously are. The first part is a melodic choral of 3 voices, the second …

Hyang IIII

This music is a collaborative work of Daahood (Remix/composition), Olivier Samouillan (alto violin) and korean composer Youg-Shin Choi (Santa Cruz, CA), belonging to a bigger project including also Tony Mowat Basically,  Hyang-Shin composed Hyang II This piece was used as a core and a base to record audio material of Olivier playing alto violin. David edited, arranged and remixed …

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