Seconde Chance – Soundtracks

Seconde Chance is a french TV show (180 episodes) released on TF1 from september 2008 until April 2009. Also broadcasted in Russia, Italia, Japan, Latvia and Finland. All tracks composed by Antoine Vidal & Thibault Chenaille, arranged/scored by David Poirier. Day-Off, 2008.

Près d’Ataur

Près d’Ataur is music sequence based on an action scene. mixing electronic  loops and orchestral arrangement, Like in a slow chase, the hunter is tracking down a beast, and irremediably gets to his prey. November 2008  

Piano des balkans

Those 2 short pieces are piano solo, and deeply influenced by a balkanic way of handling melody and rythm. The first piece is sad and slow whereas the second one is fast and happy. both of the tunes express a deep feeling and memories of eastern europe. 2008