Borderline EP

“Borderline” est un album inspiré des road movie modernes. Une musique à la frontière des genres, entre western aux éléments futuristes, hurlements de saxophones et grincements de guitares vintage. “Borderline” is an album inspired by modern road movies. from Ambient to free-jazz-punk through blues and electro ,this music reaches the boudaries of genres, somewhere between …

Here and Now

This one is a radical dark electro tune à la Aphex Twin,  you can also think it’s minimal, or trance , or hard-core, or experimental, or… 2010


2 short pieces of dark ambient music, such as in a David Lynch movie, or when a dark orchestra is performing  in the music hall of a sinked ocean liner lying on the sea bed.   Abyss I Abyss II   2003

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