Balkanic vibrant journey

These 3 compositions are electro remixes of traditional style music from macedonia, played by a local wedding band. heavy brass, upbeat rythm, a fragrance of eatern Europe… Composed and arranged by Olivier Samouillan, David Poirier. Cezame music agency 2009

De bach aux brecker’s

It starts like a baroque solo hapsichord recital, until one of its strings breaks, the musician can’t play !! but there comes the afro funky band and its terrific drums to clear all that out. avril 2006

Tante hative

this tune is a small composition for brass ensemble (trumpets, horns and trombones) . it is based on atonal and dodecaphonic composition techniques (according to Arnold Schönberg theory) , and implies that one note can’t be played until the 11 others previously are. The first part is a melodic choral of 3 voices, the second …