2 short orchestral songs

Those 2 short orchestral songs are arranged with the same type of orchestration. Disruting Remembrance is a tiny piece that evokes the sad feeling of a atrabilarious event. The technique is contrepoint for strings, based on a straight chromatic/diatonic upward chord progression with an undelying inverted bass line. Borealis Polywave expresses something very static, slowly …

ITHAK – Je Fly (remixed by DaaHooD)

Ithak is a French free-punk-jazz/post-deconstructivist band of 3 pieces led by Seb El Zin. As stated in their website: “Just imagine a mix of Mr Bungle, Gong, Richard Gotainer, The Young Gods, Arnold Schoenberg and James Chance in a weird poppy,  psychedelic and punchy rocky way and it will give you a vague idea of …

Clock I & II

This is a tune in 2 parts based on a tempo of a second. 1st half is dark and mechanic whereas 2nd half is clearly more colourful and asian influenced, àla Ryuichi Sakamoto. As time is passing by…   Composed and arranged by David Poirier 2011

Here and Now

This one is a radical dark electro tune à la Aphex Twin,  you can also think it’s minimal, or trance , or hard-core, or experimental, or… 2010


2 short pieces of dark ambient music, such as in a David Lynch movie, or when a dark orchestra is performing  in the music hall of a sinked ocean liner lying on the sea bed.   Abyss I Abyss II   2003

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